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Ah, what a boring day

May 25th, 2004 (02:05 pm)

current mood: irritated
current song: Bjork- "Cocoon"

Livejournal is beginning to piss me off...maybe I'll start a xanga sometime. Found out today that there's basically no way I can go to Lincoln-way Central...have to go to East...which means I can't be at the same school as Matt and Ava. Lame.

s a m a n t h a [userpic]

working again!

May 23rd, 2004 (11:22 am)

Yes! My internet had been broken for a while, but now it is fixed! I'm sooo happy! Nothing much has been going on...Jennifer came over yesterday...we've been lazing around...gonna go to the beach today, which I haven't done in a year or so. If someone knows how to have pictures as my background on here, please tell me.

s a m a n t h a [userpic]

wow, a livejournal

May 18th, 2004 (09:37 am)

current mood: sick
current song: Radiohead, Creep

So, after much begging by Julia, I have gotten this livejournal. I couldn't decide whether to have this or a xanga. Anyway...
I'm home sick, which sucks because I can't really breathe, but it's good because I didn't finish all my homework. Tonight I'm going to L'Auberge with my french class, that should be fun.

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